Workshop about WholeWorldPlay®

How to use symbols and stories in your profession using WholeWorldPlay®

Inge G whole World embossedIn this workshop you will learn how to create a deeper contact with the client, and how you can use symbols and stories to activate the whole brain, and herby in a creative way work with the clients full potential.

You will be introduced to WholeWorldPlay®. A set of symbols and unique sand, where the inner and outer world of the client can be created and expressed.


Play and fantasy is universal, throughout history and in all cultures people have used symbols to express life.
Symbols open up to the unconscious mind and the field in a very beautiful and gentle way.
Sometimes words are not enough when we want to express ourselves. And awakening our potential, we must create a path to our creativity.

What ´s it all about

When we use symbols we acknowledge that the psyche has a self-healing potential, and the most genius solutions comes from the unconscious and the field. People have always expressed themselves through myth, fairytales and stories. We awaken the great potential of the field, to create solutions.
Creative and successful people are very excellent in using the visual, images and the “As if” frame.

What will you get from the workshop

  • Methods to get access to the creative unconscious mind and the creative field.
  • You will get methods from WholeWorldPlay® storytelling and how to use concrete symbols together with all the knowledge you already have working with your clients.

Who is this workshop for

In your profession you work with developing human potential, you can be a Coach, Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Trainer or Teacher, Counselor etc.

What´s involved in the workshop

The workshop will be practical and interactive.


1 or 2  days Workshop.

Price & more information



Master Trainer Inge G.  Ludvigsen from Yes2Life, Denmark


WholeWorldPlay in Canada



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