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” Everyone is entitled to a life of fun , well-being , creativity and development”
Inge G. Ludvigsen

Our vision is to integrate the importance of play in companies and institutions all over the world. Our mission is to certify competent people in using WholeWorldPlay®

DSC_0088 In a world overloaded with technology , apps , games , etc . , we want people to restore contact with the playfulness and creativity, restore contact to our narrative history and myth .

WholeWorldPlay® offer the world a unique alternative to the digital world, It helps people open up to their creativity, myth and to develop their potential. Our mission is to guide people to manifest their desires and goals . We will invite people to integrate the symbolic and mythical world of everyday life, where the digital and cognitive for many people have taken control .

Most people have played in the sand during childhood, build sand castles, dug tunnels and made cupcakes. Childhood fantasy was lived our on the beach, between land and water, or in the sand tray.

WholeWorldPlay® is based on C.G. Jung´s theories of the unconscious creative forces in the human psyche.Appelsin2

The 300 objects are carefully selected, so the user can represent both the inner and outer world, and thereby receive healing and messages from the collective unconscious and unconscious mind.
It means that any child or adult that have the opportunity to play with the sand and objects will benefit from it.

We have seen children that have problems in concentrating being so absorbed in playing with the Kit, that they loose track of time.
The Kit have been used from age 3 to 90 and everbody get very into playing with the Kit.

How it works
WholeWorldPlay® can be used in a group, family, among friends, colleagues to tell about something and also to create stories together.

One person starts to select an object and put it in the sand, and says: “Once upon a time……” and include the object, and the person now tells a few sentences.

DSC_0123The next person selects an object and put it in the sand, and continues the story that includes the new object and adds more to the story. The participants take turns. We recommend a maximum of 6-8 participants. Younger children have to be able to wait until it is their turn.
We recommend that no participant is allowed to move the objects from another player and that you liste and don´t interfere in what is being told.

Another way is to let one person tell a story from his/her real life or a fairytale. The storyteller can use the objects as a visual dimension or let the objects form the story.

As a storytelle, at some point, you can invite the listeners to help you to find objects that can be of good help in the story.

In professional settings
In a professional setting, for example if you are a Counselor, you can ask a client/child to show how he/she is feeling, by using the objects.
Then the client/child  add helpers from the objects, that can help him/her to feel better and get in contact with ressources.DSC_0139

In a business setting you can use the Kit in developing a project by first select object for the vision/dream. Then add objet that know how to make the dream come true, a realistic plan and then add objects that makes sure all is taken care of, and there are no obvious mistakes, so the vision is aligned with the core values of the company.

From here the group can create a storyboard with pictures of the proces with the objects, adding words and names of people that will take care of the different steps towards manifesting the dream.

The possibilities with WholeWorldPlay® is endless. There are so many ways, you can apply this in your private and professional life.

Inge G whole World embossedFor more education in how to use WholeWorldPlay® we offer education:

WholeWorldPlay® Counselor

WholeWorldPlay® Facilitator

WholeWorldPlay® Therapy/ Sandplay Therapy

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