WholeWorldPlay® is developed by Inge G. Ludvigsen together with a tema of Integrative Psychotherapists from Yes2Life,  from many years of experience working with children, youth, adults, teams and organizations in transformation, development and creativity. It builds upon a variety of methods like: Sandplay, Jungian Analytical Therapy, NLP, Family Constellations and Early Trauma Release.

A kit of WholeWorldPlay® containd more than 300 figureres, symbolising the inner and outer world. Alle the categories from Sandplay Therapy are represented. 3 grey trays with figures and 1 blue tray with modeling sand.

Alle kasser

The Kit is developed so you as an individual child/adult or group can benefit just form playing with the figures in the sand.
The uniqueness of working with sand and figures is that we get in touch with ourselves and the living world both inside and around us. In a world overloaded with technology, apps and computer games, this method offers a way to grow and develop into healthy human beings.

Through symbolization we access a deeper level of creativity, myth and stories. This helps us to find meaning, healing, transformation and much better solutions.


WholeWorldPlay® is a method than can be integrated in all sorts of systems: Family Therapy, School Psychological Counseling and child psychiatric units as well as private practice for psychologists and psychotherapist.


In the world of business WholeWorldPlay® is used in working with leadership, mission and vision, teambuilding, value and goal setting, different stages in the development of a project, facilitating changes and conflicts and group coaching.

WholeWorldPlay® is developed so you as an individual child/adult or group can benefit just from playing with the symbols in the sand.


Inge Grethe is an Integrative Psychotherapist and member of EAP (European Association of Psychotherapy).
She has studied varies methods like Sandplay, Jungian Analytical Therapy, NLP, Family Constellation.

Video: Danish boy: play, creativity and transformation.
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