Yes2Life Master Coach

After finishing Yes2Life Master you have the opportunity to participate in this 6-day intensive training in coaching. If you have your NLP Master from somewhere else, you can apply for admission.

As a NLP Master you have all the tools you need to be able to coach. What we are teaching these 6 days is mainly how to apply your knowledge in the framework of professional coaching and your identity as a coach. After the training you give 10 sessions to coach clients and you receive 10 sessions from a professional coach. Then you can choose to be examined as Yes2Life Master Coach. Do you have particular interest in Next Generation NLP; module 2 will be of interest. Here we only work with new methods of Next Generation NLP.


  • What is professional coaching?
  • Ethical rules Intake and contract.
  • Coaching state and the art of coaching.
  • The coach as a mentor.
  • Apply your NLP skills into the frame of coaching.
  • The relation between Coach and focus person.
  • Create motivation and commitment.
  • Focus the clients agenda.
  • Walk the talk as a coach.
  • Your own coaching practice.
  • Coaching of beliefs.
  • Next Generation NLP.
  • Circle of Balance™
  • Sun Beam™, law of attraction.
  • Archetypes.
  • The Path in Yes2Life Coaching.

Yes2Life facilitators
Inge Grethe Ludvigsen


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