Yes2Life Integrated Psychotherapist

Yes2Life Integrated  Psychotherapist a 4 year evaluated program.

The purpose of this program is to educate individuals in psychotherapy and coaching. Next Generation NLP, Infant Therapy, Family constellations, Analytical Jungian theory and Sandplay is integrated in the program. Yes2Life – Nordisk NLP Academy is evaluated and approved by Reflector, and we fulfill all the quality criteria for private psychotherapy education, the highest standards in Denmark. The Academy is a member of the Danish Psychotherapy Association and as a graduate you have the opportunity to apply for admission to Danish Psychotherapy Association (MPF). As a graduate you can also apply Danish NLP Psychotherapy Association for a registration (RAB) under the Danish Health Department.

One of the criteria is that all the trainers have an approved 4-year education in psychotherapy and after that a minimum of 4 years’ experience. Inge Grethe Ludvigsen are members of (EAP) European Association of Psychotherapy. Membership.

An Integrated Psychotherapist has a solid foundation where you can work professionally with the challenges we meet. You learn to cope and become familiar with methods to work balanced with the whole person. Our methods integrate: The cognitive mind/thinking – the conscious. The somatic/bodily mind – the subconscious. The emotional/limbic mind – the subconscious. The relational/systemic – field mind – the collective subconscious mind.

You learn to facilitate work with children, adults, couples, families, groups and organizations. You train your intuition to read personality traits, archetypical energies, and part of what is going on in the collective subconscious – the field. You learn to facilitate processes at many levels and create a path where people can heal and develop. You develop professional skills, where you as a psychotherapist is trained both theoretical and hand on practical with clients. You go through a personal development, where you develop your ability to be in the therapeutic relationship in a respectful, dynamic, friendly, containing, honest and ethic way, so that all involved maintain their integrity.

Who can participate Everyone who is interested. When you aspire to be examined Integrated Psychotherapist and apply for membership in The Danish Psychotherapist Association (MPF), you must meet all criteria and requirements for the program. Contact us for more information

We offer English speaking training and are at the moment offering part of the program internationally.

1.Year 5 modules Yes2Life NLP Practitione,r Next Generation NLP, Analytical theory.
2. Year 5 modules Yes2Llife NLP Master Practitioner, Next Generation NLP, Analytical theory.
3. Year 6 modules Integrative Psychotherapy 1.Module: developmental psychology, art therapy and working with dreams 2. Module: Regression Therapy, Timeline Therapy and Re-imprinting. Intake, ethics and Danish Health law. 3.Module: Next generation NLP and Family Constellations. 4.Module: Healing the Inner Child and Trance work. 5.Module: Early attachment and Infant Therapy. 6. Module: The client – therapist relationship. Transfer and counter transfer. Psychopathology and Pharmacology.
4. Year 7 modules Integrative Psychotherapy 1.Module: Psychosomatics, disease and allergies. To maintain good health. Sandplay and analytical Jungian theory. 2.Module: History of psychotherapy. Methodology and empirical data from psychotherapy research. Personal storytelling, River of Life. Sandplay and analytical Jungian theory. 3:Module: Embodied Relational Trance & Next Generation NLP. Sandplay and analytical Jungian theory. 4. Module: Couple Therapy, Sandplay and analytical Jungian theory. 5. Module: Next Generation NLP and Family Constellations 6.Module: Life – death and forgiveness. Sandplay and analytical Jungian theory. 7.Module: Abuse – dependency. Classical cases in psychotherapy. Evaluation and graduation.


Altogether this 4-year training gives a total of 1.211 lessons of training

  • Theory and method: 720 lessons (130 lessons is private therapy/ self-experience)
  • Private therapy: 45 lessons
  • Training under supervision: 220 lessons
  • Supervision: 192 lessons
  • Individual supervision: 14 lessons
  • Trainee program: 20 lessons
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