Infant Therapy

Infant therapy and early trauma therapy
All unsaid binds energy, also when it comes to babies. Therefore words are important when talking with a newborn. This is the starting point for therapy work with infant therapy. A child can tolerate and contain to be told the truth. It is the therapist’s job to get parents to understand, that the child can tolerate the truth. The professional role of the therapist is to get traumatized material which causes the current difficulties out into the open, into the light so the child can heal. And from there assist to realize the things that has not happened in the natural development, yet. Finding the means and the words that can soothe the child´s agony and bring it back in a dynamic development.

An introduction to infant therapy.
Work with infant therapy based on your own childhood.
Learn to give an infant therapy.
Infant therapy and early trauma therapy with older children and adults

Who is the training for
Psychotherapist, psychologist or a student of therapy, who has done at least 3 years of studying

3 days

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