Yes2Life Coaching

Developing potential and generative change

Coaching is the process of facilitating and sponsoring people and teams to perform at their best.
Coaching requires an emphasis on both achieving goals and to function in relationships.
Coaching is outcome-oriented rather than problem solving. In this training you will learn to work with the process of coaching, and you will get knowledge, skills and personal experience in these areas.


  • Confidence, the relationship between coach and client.
  • Contract, ethics and confidentiality.
  • Containing your potential and resources rather than falling into survival strategies.
  • Communicating clearly and asking powerful questions.
    Goals, desired state, generating possibilities.
  • Develop potential, finding resources and strategies.
  • Managing personal barriers and limits in order to achieve the outcome.
  • Motivation, discovering core values – mission and vision.

Both the soul (being) and ego (doing) are important to us as human beings, and we know that excellent performance comes, when the ego serves the soul. The energy to fulfill our mission and vision, as well as being in the flow of life, comes from our whole being and from being in balance. When we are in balance, we are happier, more closely in touch with love and our intuition and we have peace in ourselves and the world around us.

When you become a certified Yes2Life Coach you will learn to help people (family, co-workers, clients) to achieve outcomes on a range of levels: field, behavior, capabilities, beliefs, values, identity and transcendent/spirit. In order to do that we will integrate multiple intelligences: Working with the Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit using Conscious (Cognitive), Subconscious (Somatic) and Collective Subconscious (Field Mind). You will be given the knowledge, skills and hands on experience with the work. This workshop will provide enormous self discovery as Yes2Life Coaching facilitates goals achievement and success in personal and professional capacities.

If you dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney

During the workshop we will provide you with knowledge and skills – we will tell you – show you and you will get to experience the work yourself.

Who is it for
Everybody with the interest in the field of coaching

Inge G. Ludvigsen

Level l-lV, each 3 days – read more

The Path in Yes2Life Coaching

  • How to start the journey.
  • Centering, Somatic Mind.
  • Asking powerful key questions – the Cognitive Mind.
  • Setting the intention/goal.
  • Developing potential and adding resources – the filed Mind Working with obstacles, finding positive intention.
  • Gratitude, vows, learning´s, feedback, action, steps towards goal.
  • Ecology.
  • You will learn to become an excellent Sponsor and Mentor as a coach and how to apply essential archetypical energies in your own life and in your client’s life We will work with the archetypes of the core energy; The Lover – The Warrior – The Magician and The King/Queen
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