Facilitating & consulting

 Yes2Life have many years of experience in facilitating and consulting various companies.

Yes2Life adjust our services to fulfill the development and growth of the individual company. It is important for us to integrate the potential and skills in the system.

The facilitator team at Yes2Life has a wide range of experiences, and we can help with many different tasks:
Facilitating creativity processes, Understanding of personality traits, using Jung’s Typology and Archetypes, Team development and Coaching, Leader development/supervision, Supervision in groups using archetypes and systemic work, Change of corporate culture, Communication skills, Cooperation and development Conflict – mediation, Better wellbeing and balance in life, Vision/mission and achieving goals, Wellbeing during changes.

The facilitator team at Yes2Life speaks Danish and English. We work with groups in Denmark and Internationally.

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Yes2Life ApS
Nordisk NLP Akademi
Nygade 31 B
8600 Silkeborg
Tel: +45 2012 1413
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Mail: inge@yes2life.dk