Yes2Life offer different benefits to businesses

All services are organized to your needs and desires. Yes2Life gladly put together a new training program that is designed specifically for you.
We have several years of experience in training employees and managers to be able handle what business and society requires today.
We asked business managers where they feel a positive change among employees who have been training with Yes2Life. Their feedback is summarized below:

  • Is better at communicating. Understand the complexity of communication.
  • Take up challenges with curiosity and energy and they work constructively.
  • Are open minded, honest and dare equal dialogue, they are not afraid of  conflict.
  • Helps to create well-being among colleagues.
  • Have less absent days.
  • Experiencing more joy and satisfaction in daily life.
  • Find it easier to work with many different types of people.
  • Experience increased self-esteem, are in touch with their own inner values and find it easier to express themselves.
  • Set healthy boundaries.
  • Know themselves, both strengths and weaknesses, and is more in balance.
  • Work better under pressure and changes.
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