We offer unique training courses and workshops in management, staff development and personal development.

  • The Academy is evaluated by Reflector and satisfy the interdisciplinary indicative of quality for the 4-year Psychotherapist training.
  • Gives national and international certificates.
  • High standards are important for us, as well as quality and innovation. We communicate with passion, and value authentic action.
  • Internationally, we are facilitatores in Europe, Chile and Canada.

All courses and workshops are offered in Danish and English, and can be adapted to your needs.

The standard of Yes2Life is high and we are known in the business for our sustainable solutions.

Creativity, growth, communication, innovation, change, collaboration and focus on your company or organization’s culture are just some of the areas we have extensive experience in working with.

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Next generation NLP, psychotherapy, management and coaching is part of our 4-year education program. Integrated into the program is also Infant Therapy, Family Constellations and Sand Play.

You have the opportunity to become certified Yes2Life Practitioner, Master and Integrated Psychotherapist.

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It is important for us to work innovative and help individuals, organizations and companies to gain knowledge and experience that promotes understanding and well-being.
This is the oppunity for your company, organization or individual to gain
WholeWorldPlay® is developed so you as an individual, a system or an organization gets support in development, creativity from playing with the symbols in the sand.

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