Workshops med Jessica Riberi, Familieopstillinger

Jessica kommer til Yes2Life i september 2018.
Hun afholder 2 workshops.

24.-26. september 2018


Quantum NLP, Archetypes and Family Constellations

The archetypal family implies fundamental relationships in the primary bond matrix with life. In it we are part of our first hierarchical links, parents and children, and equal bonds, between siblings. In this workshop, we will explore the principles of family constellations associated with a sufficiently nutritious family field, and their implications in the predisposition to success, abundance and professional development.

Participants will learn the family constellation method, quantum NLP field technologies, to be used in individual sessions of therapeutic work. Enhance transgenerational intelligence.

Denne workshop er åben for alle, der vil igang med at arbejde med Familieopstillinger.

Tilmeldingsfrist 15. juni 2018

3.500,00 kr.


29.-30. september 2018


Quantum NLP, Archetypes and Family Constellations

Wisdom is an archetypal field that manifests itself in the search for the essential and true; focused on the processes and potentialities of situations and people, cultivates silence and the art of communicating in a few words, integrating the digital and analogue. This workshop will allow you to explore your link with this archetypal energy from your personal history and from the systemic family field. You will become aware of the evolutionary level and the challenges to expand your openness to it.

Forudsætning at du kender til at arbejde med familieopstillinger.

Pris: 2.250 kr.

Tilmeldingsfrist: 15. juni 2018


Begge workshops bliver afholdt på let forståeligt engelsk, og der vil være mulighed for at få hjælp til at forstå indholdet på dansk.

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